Faeryville: 12 quotes with Director Tzang

From the interview (posted here) we’ve had with Mr. Tzang , we selected 12 meaningful quotes (or at least the ones which we feel so!) to share with our readers.


#1: “I think Singaporeans need to be a given a chance. I think it’s unfair for gatekeepers to say that because Singaporeans haven’t been presented different things.”  
(response to gatekeepers claiming that Singaporeans may not be “ready” for a film like Faeryville)

#2: “I think the word ‘political’ is a dangerous word. It’s not that I’m afraid to get there. I have no need to get there. That’s not what I set out to do. Its more a critique on the understanding of ideology, rebellion, regimes and a harsh look at both sides – from the system, establishment, to resistance.” 
(when Tzang was queried about whether the film contains any political analogy)

#3: “I want to express things as honestly as I can. And setting it in a imaginary fictitious setting where I can dictate my own rules on what a system is, it just frees me to to do whatever I want with my characters and story.” 
(on why he chose a Dystopian setting)

#4: …we all need to be socially conscious of how people would express, and there are people who are afraid to express … very often nowadays you see the bully becoming the bullied and the bully become an unexpected, unfair victim where sometimes because the world has turn against someone or public opinion has turn against someone, and it has now felt right to become a monster and hurt someone with no consequence. There’s lots of mock mentality and that is one of the reason I don’t want to partake in taking a side. I don’t want to feed anymore.” 
(when asked about his opinion on Amos Yee)

#5: Yes, I’m all for free expression and I understand that it comes with consequence and we still have to not be afraid to express in spite of the consequences.” 
(his attitude towards freedom of expression)

#6: Maybe I do blindly conform. We just do what we have to do to fit in when we have to.” 
(on conforming to social norms)

#7: We can be different. We can think differently. We can walk out, challenge the status quo and not be afraid to be imaginative in whatever forms of expression.” 
(the message that he wants the film to convey to Singaporean youths)

#8: Once you have a law, or rule or a punishment, there’s a way to get around it as well and you can still do the same thing and that doesn’t solve the problem. The real solution must come from mindfulness and awareness.” 
(when asked about how to go about tackling the bullying issue)

#9: That’s not up to me. The cinemas would more likely prefer to play a Hollywood film. Yes, its difficult to get a screen and I’m happy that I got it. The Big Screen would still run something that earns them money first unless I have the advertising dollar to market the hell out of my film. The cinema will think twice because they will have to take a risk when taking up a non-blockbuster film.” 
(when probed about why he limit a 2-weeks’ run to the film)

#10: I believe in Singaporeans… I believe in a first group of people who will be brave enough to support or champion this film before anybody does. ..maybe the venues don’t believe as much, maybe the investor’s don’t believe as much but you got to believe it first before anyone does.” 
(why he chooses to release the film in Singapore first before in the U.S.)

#11: It’s totally OK to want to feel loved but if you don’t get it… it’s alright… It doesn’t mean nobody loves you… Watching the film will make people feel they are not alone. Whatever you think you are, it’s OK. It’s OK. It’s not right, wrong, it’s OK.”                                                                                                                                                        (message for the misfits of this world)

#12 “I’m quite passionate about anti-bullying in youth and unlike certain things, I find that bullying is irreversible. I mean, if taken to the extremes, it can be irreversible. People who are being bullied can eventually turn out to be bullies themselves. And people who are bullies themselves do not even know they are bullies, and more can be done to raise awareness about this. And if I were to say something, to advocate or to stand up for, I feel I’m quite close, I can relate close to this, talk about it.                                                                                                                            (On bullies and bullied victim)

Last of all…

“We are dreamers and misfits and this is our film.” – Faeryville

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Quotes selected by: Cass
Edited by: SY


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