Poem for the day: Self-Identity

This coming-of-age poem expresses my internal struggle of being aware that I have to fit in and conform to social norms to survive in this world socially but at the same time, wanting to retain the essence of who my innate self.


Why fit in when you’re born to stand out?

There’s nothing wrong in letting your voice be heard out loud.

Does it matter what the mainstream crowd says?

Let your Personality shine in your own special ways.

Why fit in when you’re born to stand out?

You can’t change the fact you’re distinct from the crowd.

Other can laugh, tease or avoid you,

But you are the “Unique” to the “cool” they choose not to label on you.

Why fit in when you’re born to stand out?

Are there mandatory rules you will flout?

Being an individual isn’t really a bad thing,

Like how music genres do not always sync.


If being an original is all that bad?

How about those mindlessly going after fluctuating fads?

People can follow blindly what they want,

But you can be the independent thinker they aren’t.

Stand up for the essence of who you genuinely are,

Build up a life that can take you far.

Carve out whoever you honestly want to be,

Or are you going to conform to norms and flee?

Shape and create out your own diamond box,

As opposed to being shaped into a generic square box.

Don’t end up becoming a common plastic mold,

I hope you form your own authentic fold.

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7 thoughts on “Poem for the day: Self-Identity

  1. This thought visited my mind two or three times the past few days so I thought I should plant it in the earth of cyber space. The human being project in simple fact is but a preservation of spontaneity intact. But simplistic they will lament when society comes and succumb all of them. All of them. The visiting thought spoke of time unstructured the air spontaneity breathes. The space where aliveness grows and being overflows. Yet deadlines and schedules, and one has no time even to pee. Goodness me, this unrelenting tempo of society, perhaps only the crazy can be free. Hee hee hee.


      1. Thanks. The last and only blog i kept was for my blogger gf. She had to read my blog as soon as she awoke. When the relationship ended the blog was deleted. I have always been more into the process of creating than sharing. I am a big fan of spontaneity.


  2. Good for you. I know creating and sharing aren’t enemies. Who knows, i might go start one now. Haha. Anyway i’m the sort who goes by feel. So see how it goes lor.


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