Interview with Esther Ng (CABCY) on Bullying

UnknownOn Sunday, 3rd of May 2015, Cass interviewed Ms. Esther Ng, the founder of the Coalition Against Bullying for Children and Youth, to find out more about bullying cases among children and youths in Singapore, and what is currently being done to help the victims and prevent bullying.

Check out an impactful video here, that brings you into the world of the bullied victim’s thoughts!


1. The issue of bullying in Singapore, what is being done by the social work scene?

  • Looking Ahead

Currently, there are only 2 organisations – SCS and us. We’ve been continuing our advocacy work and starting to finally raise fundings! We used to be a model where our organisation were all made up of volunteers, and did not have big fundings where we could hire professionals. But now, we are very serious into putting things in place, hiring people, and running intervention centres for bullying. Because if you look at what is happening around us for the last couple of years, like the case of RJS suing the school and all that, it is not only now that all these are happening.

  • More that can be done

We really need a neutral party, like an organization that is non-profit, and not paid by the government so that people can trust us; that we will be neutral for the schools, for the parents, for the victims. This will encourage the community to come forward and say they need help in bullying, so that we can help mediate, help with intervention, and not forget about the woes of the victim. That they all need help, and for parents to work things out with their own children, or things that happen to them. And to provide therapy whether – group or individual which is what we’ve been working on recently. That’s what we can do as a society but as for social work and Singapore, Family Service Centres’ can take a proactive role as well. I do know people who do what they can in their capacity.

2. Do CABCY go down to schools to educate students on bullying?

We’ve done that before for the last couple of years on and off, but we’ve also notice that if you’re a student at a 7 o’clock assembly talk, you would be rushing on homework etc. We are then left with less than half an hour, 10 to 15 minutes. We can’t do much with that, so we did away with that as it’s not impactful. You leave students with thoughts about bullying but there’s no skills to do about it, and school teachers do not have sufficient skills alone to do anything about it. We will be doing training, more in-depth training on how you can manage a case of bullying so that you are fair to both bullies and victims.


Personal Note

Why Offbeat Perspectives view bullying as an alternative issue:

  • I think it is something very prevalent among youths. However, it is not voiced out and they end up suffering in silence for the 4-6 years of their school lives.
  • With the herd mentality, majority of youths partake in bullying. However, they may not even aware they are bullying others.
  • Viewed by the public as a normal phase of growing up which is not an accurate perspective. Public is unaware of how the hurt and trauma can deeply impact the youth’s emotional and social development.
  • Many parents and school may not be even aware, or are not season to handle this issue effectively with their students or youths.

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Written by: Cass
Edited by: SY


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