Faeryville: Themes of Self-Identity and Choice; Elitism, Wealth and Functionality; Homosexuality (film spoilers!) – Part II

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In life,  you do not have to take a side. When you pick a side, you end up dividing and when you divide, it leads to tensions and hostility which leads to fights and finally, riots and revolts. Question yourself. What are you really dividing yourself for? When you fight for a “cause”, do you blindly follow and lose sight of the purpose or do you actually know the purpose for following suit? You fight, you may win, but at what cost?  Your life? Your freedom? Your morality? Your sanity?


Be afraid of what you fight for. Be very afraid. You end up losing yourself and being manipulated by those with power to turn against one another. Chaos and Mayhem only ensues thereafter. You can sit on a fence and stay on it. The Nobodies are all searching for purpose and seeking their own identity. They didn’t have to fight with others who are not like them or who demean them. The more you try to take them down, the more you bring yourself into darker murky waters.

The Fratentity mocks Laer for making the decision to join the Nobodies when he could have fared off better with them. This pushes his buttons and the scene reminds us clearly of our enemies that want to divide and tear us apart by making us fight amongst ourselves. They know we will never win and that we can never beat them so they make us fight among ourselves to kill us off and wash their tainted hands clean.


Food for thought: 

You can fight the System or Ideology but at what cost? Can you bear the consequence? Can you fight to win or do you fight just so you have a soul. Is that worth it? I’m not sure if they are taking a dig at mainstream media? (as the newscaster in the film) talk like those from channel 5.

Or is this to add on a shade of reality? To remind the audience that the line between reality and fantasy can become very blur in our future. When they showed the bombing pranks televised on TV, it reminded me of the frantic media coverage after the 911 incidents.



I somehow interpreted an analogy of the elite smart kids v.s. the not-so-rich-nor-smart-with-a-troubled background during the scene when the Fraternity leader questioned why Laer chose to hang out with the misfits. At the end of the film, you start to realise the troubled characters are partly driven by their not-so-perfect families, love and insecurity issues.  

Food for thought: 

I’m not too sure if the director had wanted to raise eyebrows in regards to family problems in Singapore that are usually hidden behind close door. It could be to make people be more open to think, if not talk about it. Could Poverty and family issues be a cause for people to turn socially deviant?



A threesome hinted at the start of the film in the bedroom where the female trio were lying on the same bed in bare clothes, and again when Belle and Chloe were lying together on the bed at night, watching TV together in the morning in the same house. Not to forget, a memorable XXX scene in the film.

Food for thought:

I wondered what happened to Belle’s two like-minded friends as the film did not talk about what happened to them.


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Written by: Cass


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