Faeryville: Cast Interview with Lyon Sim

On the same day we interviewed director Tzang, we counted our blessings to be able to interview 2 cast members of Faeryville, a Singapore independent film. Lyon Sim plays the role of Poe in Faeryville. Check out Faeryville movie’s official Facebook page here!

You can read about the interview we’ve had with another cast member, Farid Assalam, here 🙂


Lyon Sim is a Peranakan Chinese which explains his exotic features. His looks can pull off various different south East Asian nationalities. Having read up his extensive portfolio online, I was quite curious to see this versatile actor in person. 

My first contact with him was when I had sat in the back seat just before the film started. I had asked if I could do an audio interview with him after the film screening. He gave off a friendly and approachable vibe, warmly reaching out his hand to ask for my name. 

He was pleasantly surprised that I had remembered his few television roles as he rarely appeared on TV, usually focusing on short films or Theatre. Lyon shared during the Q&A session he was going through a dark phase during the filming which helped him in playing out his character who also epitomized that of a troubled teenager.

Memories of seeing him on:

  • Channel U – My Blog. My World
  • A mime artist in channel U shows – Hey! Whats going on
  • Channel 5 Show which showed an re-enactment of the local 1994 kidnap and (sexual and physical torture) of a teenager by her peers. He was playing one of her abusers.


1. What he want audience to take away from the film

“The awareness of bullying, how severe bullying can be, how the society as a whole can maybe learn to deal with it better. People just kinda think that ‘I’ll just grow up and get over it’ but it’s not the case with issues concerning in a relationship at home. It shouldn’t be swept under the carpet and should be dealt with properly. Because art shouldn’t have boundaries, we hope Faeryville helps to get this message across.”

2. When asked if he felt overwhelmed by the many controversial themes in the film

“Cliché as it sounds, I can teach you how to fish, I can tell you the ways of doing it and answers, but it’s learning how to do it yourself with that. So I think movie should pose questions so that you can find the answers on your own. And that’s what important. With the many plot twists and surprises, this makes the story interesting and keeps the audience engaged and questioning.”

3. On labels given by society

“I don’t know if misfits see themselves as misfits, or if bullies see themselves as bullies. Like a loser doesn’t think he’s uncool until society says that. Like people name-call you, tell you you’re a loser or you’re fat and that’s bullying. But if no one told us that, will we see ourselves as that.”


4. Whether or not he sees himself as a misfit

“I don’t deem myself as a misfit. I may be socially awkward at times but I’m not a misfit. I’m what I am. I was bullied in primary school so I definitely have the experience of knowing what it was like. I was called fat, I was pushed around.”

5. In regards to Poe’s (his film character) crush on Belle which I personally felt was barely hinted in the film

“Its ok if the audience didn’t know? Because if you ask me this question, the back story that Tzang (director) and I discussed is that he had a crush on Belle. At the library with a scene with Taraus, there was this shot of Belle where we were in the background, very off-focused and we were standing there just like looking from a distance. I don’t think it was very crucial in any part of this film.”

6. How he interprets the last line of the film “We fight so that we still have a soul”

“In life – goals, dreams, they change over time when you’re in different circumstances. When I wake up, my goal is to be somewhere at a certain time and not to be late but why do I want to be there at a time?

Because I do not want to leave a bad impression on the people I’m working with, because I want to keep working in this industry, because I want to achieve a certain status as an actor..subconsciously, if you didn’t have these goals and these things to fight for, then I guess life is soulless, meaningless.”

7. Whether he felt Singapore’s censorship board would have allowed the film to be shown in local theatres if the director was from US (or a non-Singaporean)

“We have already gotten distribution locally so I think we’ll definitely get distributed in Singapore if it was made by a non-local director and of top of that, the board of censorship would not be as critical. It probably would not get an M18 rating. It will probably get an NC16 rating that Tzang actually wants.”

8. Whether or not he fears being controlled by the desire for fame

“I think with the media platform this day, fame can hit anyone anywhere, it’s so accessible. YouTube channels, you see people online and you see this whole vlogging about life, about themselves, about anything. Fame can easily strike anyone anymore. I don’t know, I think it really depends.”

9.When asked if he thinks fame might change him

“No no, I don’t think, change for me is inevitable, change is life is, so with fame, I don’t know cause I’ve not been there. [I recognized you what!] Yeah and that was really heartfelt …(but) if it does happen, I do hope it happens for the better.

If fame brings us fortune or whatever, I would want to give back to the people I love. I have a mentor, and friends around me who give me support. Give back to the industry we are in, share what this fame might bring in the future.”


10. On his personal cause in life

“Singapore is growing rapidly in certain terms of the arts scene. In film industry terms, I hope it grows. I sincerely hope it is happening. More support locally, more funding for local artistes, performers, and talents because it really takes two hands to clap, not just the people who are making it but also the people who are receiving.

It is a good cycle, it can be, I hope it will be. Your earlier question as to whether censorship would have allowed the film to be shown in local theatres if the director was from US (or a non-Singaporean) goes to show how our industry is still in a biased position.”

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Written by: Cass
Edited by: SY

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