Faeryville: Character Analysis – Part I

Please check out the film synopsis and character introduction @ Faervyille to have a better understanding of the film and characters before reading the below 😀


POE, a sensitive new age punk, happy a willing misfit, a loser, a nobody, than to try be somebody he is not.  He devotes himself to the student martyr W. Ashe Faeke. Something he doesn’t know, his conviction and everything he loves is going to be dismantled and destroyed.


Poe is the most amiable and logical out of all four. He invited Laer (the new kid at the block) to join his gang, not knowing the consequence of his seemingly friendly gesture. He did not want to take a side initially but was unknowingly influenced by Laer’s imposing will and defiance for rebellion. This led to Poe losing what he had before – his self-awareness and purpose. He fought back the bullies and felt good about it. That was when you know Poe has become blinded by Laer’s will to fight. He had lost his purpose. He no longer fought to stand up against the bullies.


He fought for the sake of fighting. He fought to show that he still has a soul…. ?? Yep, a tortured and dark one I guess. Poe later blamed himself for welcoming Laer to the team. It was the worst decision he had made but who can he blame now? Himself? He was the one that invited Laer and unknowingly brought in a huge mess. The irony of him and Belle – he likes Belle and Belle hates Laer, but Poe is following in Laer’s footstep without realising, which will cause Belle to hate him too (since Laer reminds her too much of her old self).

C.K. is tired of being treated like shit… The most insecure of the nobodies, he just wants to belong… and be respected. So much so, he’ll do anything for it.


 C.K.  character’s background stated in Faeryville’s website did not really come through in the film for me. I could not tell he was trying too hard to fit in or that he was tired of playing the funny guy. He was already quiet  in front of the cool students when venturing with the nobodies at the start of the film. But once in the gang, he has a happy-go-lucky side.  Symbolism of Terrorism is throughout the film shown through the antics of bombs which terrorise the students and appeared in the news, bringing scares to the public.


C.K. is driven to insanity eventually because he cannot live with the guilt for his actions nor is he willing to bear responsibility and face up to it.One memorable scene was when he questioned the bullies why they were doing all these to them. You could sense he felt undeserving of all the shit he had to put up with when he did not do anything to harm them. Why are they then doing all these to him? Secretly behind the nobodies back, he created havoc and in the end, caused the whole gang to bear responsibility for his actions.

 TAURUS doesn’t care much for ideology. He thinks it’s bullshit. He’s all about love, brotherhood and loyalty, preferring to tinker with the Mechanical, bake cookies, smoke up , have fun and mess up.  Life is a bliss when nobody cares.

233  (The guy in the middle of the picture)

And then there’s Taraus. His character makes you wonder when he’s sober and when he’s stoned, especially at the first half of the film. When he talks or gazes, he looks out of touch. Seems like the effects of the drug scenes were quite authentic or he acts being stoned very well.

Food for thought…

The cookies they are eating actually contains drugs if you guys did not get the “cookies’ joke hinted explicitly in the film.

One scene where he pronounce jealous as “j-e-l-a-o-u-s”. I could not tell whether it was a dig at him being stoned or him being not academically smart, or it could be both. Taraus back story was likewise not shared but (from interviewing Farid who plays Taraus), here is the brief description of Taraus Unknown

He feels lonely as his parents had a hard time. He enjoys the company of the Nobodies. He can fit in with the cool crowd but chooses not to. He does not to conform to social norms just to fit in. He rather be authentic and stay true to himself than to be cool for the sake of being in the fraternity. He does not care about trouble, he just wants to be love and be accepting for himself in the nobodies.Taraus (the name) is the second sign of the zodiac and loves rewards such as attaining physical pleasures and material goods.


Those born under this sign relish in excess. This somewhat represents Taraus’s personality. All he cares is about having fun with his gang and living for the moment with no regards for how his actions will impact his future.

To find out more about Laer, the mysterious new kid at the block with a dark side, look out for our next post…


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Written by: Cass 


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