Faeryville: Review of certain aspects.

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During the sneak preview’s Q&A session, a male youth asked the director if there could have been more comedic elements to make the film more light-hearted due to the darker themes present. I resonated well with the antics of the nobodies and the dialogues between the students, as shown through my consistent snigger throughout the film.



American high-school style setting of cliques overshadowing and demeaning the weaker or the weird loners. Even the cast had a mix of nationalities. That was the diverse look the director wanted to go for. It is not a local setting. It’s a modern myth set in a dystopian world. The youth issues and social issues are also very relevant to an US setting.  

Food for thought: 

The film may have been adapted to target an international audience since the film had an American distributer? This will be a smart move if its true as the film broaches on global issues as well as social issues faced by anyone everywhere in our modern world.



I was surprised to hear majority of the film was filmed quite a few years back because the pictures from the promotional sites all looked very brand new, like it was done up only last year. The resolution of the film was quite high, hence I could not tell the newer scenes in the film  (late 2000s) were not as new as I assumed them to be.


I’m not sure if I’m correct but I could tell though at the starting scenes, that there were 3 different filming periods – one in the early late 1990s / early 2000s (school martyr scenes) and another in the mid 2000s [(some scenes of media breaking news & the Bullies)], and the newer scenes.

At times, I was distracted by the visual difference in the different filming period e.g. resolution of film, hairstyle, clothing, makeup of the casts) during the middle/ late portion of the movie since the flow of the plot is supposed to be from the same period.

I usually visually analyse from the clothing, makeup and hairstyle what year a film was made. But maybe because the film was set in a dystopian setting with a sepia shade, plus the fact that what the characters wore still look quite modern, I wrongly assumed the newer scenes were filmed maybe a year back when it was actually filmed quite a few years back.



Food for thought:  Poe has a crush on Belle (as stated by Lyon who plays Poe). This is shocking for me as I vividly remember 3 scenes of Lyon and Chloe together as there were that little scenes of them together while Poe and Belle hardly had no scene where they interacted together.


Why I taught they liked each other:

1) Poe following Chloe obediently at the party while smiling 2

) They are childhood friends

3) She only talks to Poe most of the time, not to the other nobodies

4) She took a random picture of him impromptu which I wrongly assumed was a sign of teasing.

5) They chatted in the library

* Who would have thought Poe had a crush on Belle when they had no scenes together, almost none. Not me.

Food for thought:  

I remember a close up shot of Laer and Belle crossing paths in the library or did I remember wrong? Was it another intentional ominous symbolism for the film’s ending?



Faeryville had a storyline, with definitely a strong message to send. The film is filled with controversial, yet strong and deep themes. However, I felt Faeryville lacked a structured plot as the film was trimmed and edited down to a 97 minute shot. There were too much themes and happenings which may overwhelm the audience or distract them from the main focus of the film. The short time frame may have also lessen the chance for Faeryville to dwell in-depth into each character too e.g. backstory, personality.

Our personal take: 

The film may lack structure in their plot and also character development, but what I appreciated were the diverse and interesting characters, their complex intertwined relationships, deep dialogues, strong message and relevant analogies that allowed me to come up with my own interpretations and reflect on, as well as analyse what the film embodied.

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Written By: Cass


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