Faeryville: Film Character Analysis – Part II

Please check out the film synopsis and character introduction @ Faervyille to have a better understanding of the film and characters before reading the below 😀


His name is LAER, and he is the wakeup call. Enough of the pity party. No more hipsters playing happy. To hell with all the pretend play. Things are going to get serious. Be afraid of what you fight for.

Laer is the character that stood out most for me. Laer’s deep voice brought a firm touch to his character (like Tobias from Divergent) when first introduced, as well as his presence which overhauled the mood and direction of the film. His natural rough and low voice (like a bass guitar) epitomized the sturdy strength and tenacity of his character.

A troubled boy who was bullied and witnessed his mother being “bullied” at home by other men. The traumatic experience of all these negative exposures really killed his soul and shaped his anti-social attitudes. He views his mother as “weak’ for always waiting on someone to save her. He does not want to be the same pathetic victim like his mother.


He does not want to be stepped over anymore. He wants to fight. At what cost? At all cost. He wants to fight against the bully and the system and that “someone”. He succeeds in influencing his gang to join his footsteps and the latter becomes overpowered by his resolve for revolt.

A ticking time bomb, he introduced his new friends to his world of darkness – Anarchy and Rebellion. What is his fight for? Nobody knows. I think he somewhat caused C.K.’s downfall. The only difference between C.K. and him is that one is fighting against his enemies while another is fighting for a basic human need to be respected.

One critical scene:

 Poe “Who are you Laer”

 Laer” I don’t know, I’m afraid to find out.”

Wow. An ominous sign indeed.


Poe’s only friend outside the Nobodies, she is the campus reporter, always with her camera and fits in anywhere. She smartly strays away from trouble, only documenting from the sidelines,  seemingly keen to get a rebel story out of Belle. But at what cost?

Chloe may seem unallied and a simple character to the audience watching the film but from my analysis of her, Chloe is driven to achieve her documentary goals at the expense of others. At the start of the film, she did not want trouble but slowly at the film progressed, she needed something outstanding to brew up for her documentary goals.


She did mention to Belle that she hopes the latter to starts a revolt which will do good for her documentary and at what expense? She overrides her relationship with Belle, using her as a tool to get her documentary footage. A hockey stick can epitomise so much in this film… Just like how human relationships can become equally complex and tangled.

Chloe is the smartest out of all the nobodies as she is fully aware that she does not have to take a side unlike the other 5. She knows the consequence of fighting against an ideology and thus, she sits back, hiding behind her camera and microphone to get a comprehensive view of the situations but never once get involves in any of the mess.


She consciously choses not to because she know she cannot bear the consequence and see no point into getting herself into deep shit. A smart move of sitting on the fence and letting the drama play out, she rather plays the supporting role, letting others clean up the mess which she had encouraged them to create so that she herself would not get tied down by the very same mess.

Food for thought: 

“One is always questioning and the other being questioned, no wonder they say opposite attracts.”

When Chloe secretly taped Belle speaking, Belle who was aware fired back that she did not like to be manipulated by her friends. Such an irony as she eventually becomes manipulated by the same “partner” she had chosen to trust. 


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Written by: Cass


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