Faeryville: 100% Local Soundtrack


The 2 songs that stood out the most to me was the club song at the fraternity party with the catchy bass which sounded like a EDM song that could very well garner hits on the radio and club scene. As well as the heavy bass and drum score “Fidei Defensor” in Faeryville’s OST. I felt the latter fitted the scene well where The Nobodies were first being introduced to Laer.


(Laer, one of The Nobodies)

The music aided in making Laer’s presence more prominent. Anyone could sense the sudden change in the vibe of the school with Laer totally ignoring & defying the fraternity. It was somewhat like an ominous sign to what was to explode out in the end. It is good to know that local music artists were used in the soundtrack, be it composers, indie, alternative or EDM etc.


(Amanda Ling, keyboardist of In Each Hand A Cutlass)

* The below does not show the full soundtrack, but introduces some of the Musicians that were involved in the making of the soundtrack.



   Song: Helsinki

   Band: The Great Spy Experiment

   Album: Litmus (2013)

   Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAV7J0Rf7_4 (Live session)

  * The song was played in the ending credits of Faeryville

                       Website: The Great Spy Experiment


Where I remember seeing them before:

” Flower Show Riots” (2007)  *1st full length album* on the shelves of Popular at a Pasir Ris Shopping Mall quite a few years back

Maybe live and loaded in 2009 (Channel 5)

Celebrate 2010 Countdown Show @ Marina Bay (Channel 5)

* One song I enjoyed from the band was ” The Great Decay” from their first full length album.


< The band will play their final gig at the Esplanade Concert Hall alongside Charlie Lim and Inch Chua on June 6. This is due to shifts in life priorities and dipped in creative productivity. >


Song: Helmets and Fiery Endings

Band: In Each Hand A Cutlass

Album: A Universe Made Of Strings (2011)

  * The album’s design reminded me of Keane’s 2006 Under The Iron Sea album cover


Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IxZKcJ_XJC8

Website: http://www.ineachhandacutlass.com/

Where I remember seeing them before:

The Straits Times in April

Fun Fact:

Amanda Ling (the female keyboardist) was an ex-keyboardist of Electrico and is currently a music teacher at the local Thunder Rock School.


Original Score: Welcome To Your Freedom

Composer: Alex Oh 

Album: Faeryville OST (2014)

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnbyaUApSDs

Website: http://www.alex-oh.com


* A total of 15 original scores in the Faeryville OST by Alex Oh,  Check them out HERE

Fun Fact:

Alex Oh has created scores for various local films  – Gone Shopping, Taxi Taxi, The Maid, Men in White etc.


Song: Wraith * If I remembered correctly, the song was played at the later scenes where The Nobodies walked fearlessly into the school compound.

Album: A Shadow of Sound EP (2012)


Audio: https://soundcloud.com/anechois/wraith

Website: http://music.anecho.is


Fun Fact:

They were Baybeats Budding Band in 2012 and have already performed in Japan & Indonesia.

+  The vibe and guitar melody of the song  “writing on the walls” in (Circles, 2014)  reminded me of “Gotta have you” by  The Weepies.


Food for thought:

Unrelated to the film, I think The Nobodies ironically can also be an analogy for some local musicians / bands that struggle as they lack the support, findings and publicity to create and promote good local music. Everyone is aware of the popular fraternities (mainstream music) but tend to overlook the misfits (underground music scene).


The film may be heading for a North American release in the future and in a way, the collaboration between the local film and music industry becomes a double bonus for both. The film gets a soundtrack with local talents, and at the same time, independent artistes have the opportunity for their music to gain exposure overseas.

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Written by: Cass


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