[Opinion Essay] Do Drugs enhance Creativity?


I was piqued to this topic during a recent conversation. Many artists in the music or arts industry have been known to take drugs e.g. LSD which helped in creating their popular artistic works. Could these quality works have been made without the presence of drugs?

The drugs supposedly helps us reach a state of creative power and a stage of peak enlightenment. You may deem my viewpoint as biased as I myself am not in a position capable of comprehending and appreciating the “high” feeling it brings; nor the amazing experimental and creative world it leads artists into, which positively innovates and “enhance”  their art works.

Reflecting on this topic – rather than relying on an external substance to achieve our creative potential, wouldn’t it be more valid and satisfying to show our true worth through our very own abilities and creative spark without the need to depend on drugs?


I may be deemed as biased in my standpoint once again because I grew up in an Asian society where drugs are deemed as banned substances from the law, and immoral in certain cultural views. This may impact my moral attitude towards drug consumption.

Nonetheless, I believe drug consumption is subjective to the moral values of any individuals. Which is why putting aside the issue of ethics and focusing on the matter of Creative expression itself – If I was an artist of any sort, I would rather prove my ability and creativity through my own personal efforts than to rely on drugs in the long-run to create competent works or classic pieces.


It’s the same analogy for athletes. Once they are known to have use drug-performing enhancing substance, their credibility as an athletic drops as people would view (if not label) his feats as his true ability but rather, achieved by drug enhancement.

Both artists and athletics are taking these sort of “drugs” to achieve a goal of showing the best of their ability/performance, the only difference is that one “works wonders to” the mind, and the other “works wonders to” the body. But why then is the matter not viewed the same for artists?


Do we fear too much that their “enhanced” classical pieces may cease to exist without the tiny drug?

The thrill, the novelty, the astounding experimental effects of the drugs.

Food For Thought:

Is’ it worth the permanent long-term damage you inflict upon your body and brain? (which harms your overall health & shorten your mortality rate)

Are we actually wise to let a tiny non-living thing drug “define” or “prove” our capability of the human mind in terms of artistic expression?


“I think no matter what.. Enjoy everything in moderation, don’t get to a point where you’re being an idiot.” – BuzzFeed

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Written by: Cass


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