[Analytical Essay] Is religion real or fake?


The Complex Puzzle of Life.

I feel everything in life be it politics, science, history etc. comes from assumptions, and theories – “a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something”. People observe, hear, analyze, assume and eventually conclude.

How do we know if the information passed down from the older generations to ours are as accurate or valid as the original form?

Even in simple translations e.g. When people gossip, the information passed on from one person to another gets twisted likewise. Every single information found in books, the things parents or teachers teach us, what religious leaders inculcate into us – they are founded from theories, hearsay and claims which may have even lost their authenticity after modifications.


Even in scientific research, the conclusions are founded from a basis of assumptions or theory. Thus, how do we know what is credible?

There is no truth to anything in this world. What we believe are simply information we take in, are passed down to us, what we’re given, or what we are made to believe.

It all boils down to us concluding and making purpose of everything from our very own same “credible” assumptions. 13

Origins & Interpretations.

Quite a few major religions have similar roots. Thus, there could be a possibility that our respective God or our idea of God are somewhat related? It could be that the people from the past had different interpretations, misunderstandings or differences that led to new sub-religions being made?

Furthermore, between sub-communities of the same religion, there are already slight differences and misconceptions about one another. Or uncertainties in regards to who came first. Wouldn’t the relative same apply to major religions likewise if not more?

Even within the sub-communities themselves, there can be different interpretations or answers to the same readings or questions, and it changes from individuals or groups. How do we then know what is actually right or wrong? If what is taught can be deviated or subjected to personal interpretation?  12

 “God” is a Mystery.

I may never know the answers but I can choose to form my own possibilities. God may exist or it may not? There may be more than one God? Could some Gods be not real? What organized religions teach presently may differ from their original teachings in the past?

Maybe all the different religions actually came from the same God? Just that there were divides amongst the people? Or various interpretations? Is everything we now come to know just myths?  Could some organised religions be cult groups that happened to grow greatly in size?


Skepticism and Creation

I’m equally amazed by the intricacies of living forms and living as much as I am perplexed towards the existence and authenticity of religions. I cannot believe that all living things were made by a big bang or what Science claims. I hope that there is a creator in this world because without one, little makes sense to me.

For me, I feel that there should be something to pioneer a “start” to everything or anything in this universe. If there is no God, there should be at least a creator or some sort because, how do we explain why living things are so intricately and distinctly formed with many variations, colours and functions?

E.g. Plants, sky, sea, hands, diverse shapes of animals, humans, body parts, tiny cells. Look at our very own hands, how delicately & precise it was made. It can even function with such flexibly.

Or the private parts of female and males fit, would you not ponder why it fits perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle? As well as the tiny cells, sperms, ovaries that are made to be not visible to the human eye.


Our complexity of our functions and human desires are also very much fascinating. The reproductive system. How do our complex nerves or brain work? What is the meaning of our dreams? Why do we need to sleep and eat daily? Why is human connection so essential for human beings?

How can we also develop and become so complex in terms of science, morality, reasoning, systematic structures, inventions and philosophies? There are many things we cannot explain in this world, as much as there are many reasons not to believe in a concept of God.

God does provides a sense of meaning, purpose and hope to living beings. Other than science, the other theory or belief in regards to creation, purpose of life, death and living that people usually turn to, is religion itself.

Food for thought:

  1. In the first place, there is the simple question of why God choose not to appear to us when many are suffering in pain?
  2. Since God has the power and control over everything, why do he not then do something to improve the lives of human kind or global issues?
  3. Why are humans made so imperfect in nature? Wouldn’t god want to create a perfect human?


Hope and Purpose in Life

Some of us may have positive or negative life experiences which leads us closer or drift us apart from God and Religion. It could be our fear of death, seeking out life’s purpose,  a sudden family conflict that leaves us with questions, or our friends being saved from cancer after he turned to God.

The idea of a religion does gives people a sense of hope and security when we are facing issues with our lives or seeking for life’s meaning e.g. what happens in our afterlife? Will I suffer or will I go to heaven? Why is my life faced with so many issues? I think there is this is double-edged sword aspect to religion.

It provides people a sense of hope that things will get better, that there is more to life than just living, that we will all end up in a better place, everything happens for a reason and that God always loves us.


It gives people a sense of love, trust, stability and security to our life issues and experiences, alongside a close, personal relationship with God. But then again, we are also ironically, all divided by our differences in religious beliefs. Many conflicts or tensions in the world or society are a result of religious intolerance.

If I were an atheist (my subjective thought), I would wonder and question about how the galaxy structure was made or the entire universe even came about. I may “hope” that life encompasses some form of meaning even if there is no afterlife.


Food for thought:

1. Can there be an explanation, hope or a future in regards to life without the presence of a religion?

2. When we share our ideology to others who have a different perspective, are we actually open  to embrace their respective views or are we blindly driven by the need to prove and implement our ideology into them?

3. Is turning to religion for a sense of security and hope valid as there’s a possibility it could be false? 

Written by: Cass

2nd part of this opinion piece

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