[Questions To Debate] Is there no meaning in Life?

Do we ever wonder what is the purpose of life? The Lana Del Rey “ Born to die” somewhat symbolizes the brutal irony of life – we all are born, and live, only to die eventually.

Do we ever imagine how the world may look like when it ends? I did. I imagined the possibility of what the world could become.

It was soundless, black pitch darkness where everything and anything cease to exist with no meaning or memory left of what it had before or what it will be in the future because simply put, there’s no future.


It’s the scariest thought in the world, more scarier than death because the world we now know may just disappear to sheer hollow emptiness for eternity.

And that made me question why we humans were created and made to live? For what are we living for in the world? When there is a possibility that everything will eventually come to an infinite end with nothing left.

No meaning. No existence. No sound. No colour. No concept of time or anything. No memory of the past, the people, or even the history.

Just infinite nothingness.


Food for thought:

Why must everything in this world come to an end?

Is the end of the world permanent? And does that mean everything cease to exist infinitely?

So the world would be a pitch-dark, soundless, empty nothingness for eternity? (that’s a scary thought)

Why were we created then?

How were we created?

Who created us?

What is the purpose of living and life when everything comes to an end?

What are we actually living for then? 

The sad inevitably of life that our existence is only temporary.


Rather than seeking answers we’ll never know, isn’t it better to create our own meaning and purpose of what we want to live for?

Are we actually self – aware of the purpose of why we are doing what we are doing or are we just leading our lives blindly day by day?

Written by: Cass

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