[Comparison / Analytical Essay] Amos Yee – Which side are you on?

“Can we control the fire we start? Or will we end up igniting in flames?”

#1. What he said was disrespectful v.s. Why should people feel offended?

  • I agree that many people would have taken offence by his words or found him insulting because of the content he shared and the way he chose to express it. Some people are more opened, some people have a more conservative outlook.
  • Just because we find it acceptable, does not mean we should expect others to ignore or take what he say lightly and vice versa. We are all wired differently, with differing comfort levels, attitudes and perspectives.

#2. He should have changed the way he expressed his thoughts v.s. We are entitled to say what we want

  •  Amos has the autonomy to choose his choice of words and expression. We’re not Amos and who am I to place my standards on him when I wouldn’t like others doing the same to me. Unless he said something extremely super horrible, then it would be a different story.
  •  I can imagine myself saying the same exact thing but in a different tone and choice of expression, and the message would have come out in a much more receptive manner even though the content was the same. But.. I’m not Amos, neither are we.

#3. Amos is smart and vocal v.s. Amos is arrogant and obnoxious

  • Not generalizing – but many Amos supports are not really pro-government, against our laws which they find restrictive, belong to the underdogs or stand for minority causes.
  • Anti-Amos not supporters are usually on the opposite spectrum, agree with him being punished, disagree with what Amos did, and more pro-government.

#4. Amos is attention-seeking v.s. Amos is speaking his mind

  • We neither know Amos Yee’s true intention nor motive because we are not him. Maybe it is to create a buzz, maybe it is to speak up against the government he finds restrictive, maybe he has nothing else better to do.
  • But all in all, these are just our perceived assumptions with no validity to it. Unless, what about.. let us go to his doorsteps and ask him like what the media reporters instead?

#5. Amos is Anti-Christian v.s. Amos is just expressing his views towards Christianity

  • He is an Atheist and from his videos, it is most obvious to say that he does not agree with Christianity and think its fake. But remember, he was once a Catholic. He was not speaking from an outsider point of view, but from the perspective of an ex-Catholic who went to church and..
  • If he did not experience or even understand what it is like to be a Catholic and blindly criticise, that would be an issue to me. However, he is expressing his thoughts towards a religion he was once from, though I would not deny he could have done it in a way that people would find it more receptive if he wanted to.

#6. Government laws are too strict v.s. Government laws are there for a reason

  • Freedom of speech. Democracy. No censorship. Give it to us. It is not as simple as 123. If we are talking about the political aspect, I do agree we being restricted from gaining access to what we should know
  • However, if you we are talking about the multi-racial and religious aspect, I agree with the government laws on it, though I also see a need to encourage a society to have constructive debates and expression towards racial and religious matters.
  • I do feel race and religion is a sensitive issue that can be blown up if not handed properly. Thus, I see the importance of ensuring peace and harmony.
  • However at the same time, all these have to be done at an appropriate pace which has not yet even been implemented.

#7. His sentence was politically motivated v.s. His sentence was to ensure peace in Singapore

  • I’m not the government. I agree he uploaded the video at an inappropriate timing, and for me personally – he should not have said the “LKY is finally dead” comment. If a child said that to me at my death-bed, I would find it disrespectful.
  • And not to forget, he was also sentenced because of that photo he posted, as well as the Christianity comments made. The third charge was later taken down. It may be politically motivated, but at the same time, we cannot deny the fact he also had 2 other charges.

#8. Amos was not treated fairly by the government v.s. What the government did was right

  • There is so many information and claims given to us. How do we know what is true or untrue? Whether what the media tells us it real or exaggerated. Everyone has our own agendas.
  • The mainstream media can say one thing. The government can say one thing. Amos Yee can say one thing. Independent sites can also say one thing.
  • We are not what we believe in. We become what we believe in. We just got to choose wisely.

#9. Lock him up in Jail v.s. Free Amos Yee

  • For those who feel the government are too harsh, a few questions too reflect on:

– Was what Amos Yee did exactly right? – Who led to his arrest? (the 20 over police reports) It was the people ourselves. – This incident is relatively new in a sense where past racial and religious criticisms were not as sensational, nor did it receive such a huge public audience and backlash. The content and way Amos chose to express it was also obvious that it’s intentional was for it to go viral. -Thus, the government may also not have know how to handle this issue that had gotten out of hand.

They have to worry about the angry Singaporeans, their international image, what sentence and rehabilitation to give him since he is such a young boy and would suit him as well as his rare offence … – And lastly, are you 100% sure this incident may not lead to racial or religious riots like history? His video may be just the start. What if others follow him and start to make hate or offensive comments to different races and religion? Can we control we fire we start? Or we will end up igniting in flames?

#10. What Amos Yee did was wrong v.s. Amos did nothing wrong

What’s my stand on the issue?

There’s no need to take a side. It’s not about being neutral but rather, there’s always 2 sides of a situation, and we should view matters from different angles because in life,  there’s no one person or party or side who is exactly in the right nor wrong. Both sides have its flaws and strengths, good and bad. Broadening our perspectives from our subjective biasness can help us to gain insight and clarity 🙂

Opinion & Written by: Curious Misfit

Where do you stand at my friend?
The Small Boy or the Older Man? 
What side are you intending to take?
What choice do you want to make?

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