A lovely poem and “R” dictionary to Mr Amos Yee

Repetition: Amos Yee is back in his game to play around with the government. Did we see it coming? Maybe? 2 national sagas in a year for a 17 year old boy, he must be revelling in the spotlight.

A lovely poem to Mr Amos Yee:
Playing with religion and politics,
The skin of the many he pricked.
Spouting out all the cunts,
it may seem like hellish fun.
But going away on a run,
from the white government you can’t shun.
Once the whole thing is finally done,
Can you ultimately bear what it is to come?
The label of noterity,
Forever stuck in our history.
Deemed as a f***ked up creature,
Does RTC or NS awaits his future?
What is Amos Yee really fighting for?
Is he really just fooling around with the law?
Youthful idealism or plain stupidity?
We were all once young, wild, and free.
The choices we ultimately take in our lives,
Motivated by our stubborn inner drives.
Was it right or wrong?
Will it make or break?
There’s no turning back,
No going back to mum or dad.
Ideology over family,
Will it eventually become a tragedy?
How far can you push the boundary?
In our little red dot country?
Is the Hunger games soon coming to an end?
Run, run, run; run as far as you can.
“To my family, I know I’m causing alot of emotional pain, but for the life I want it’s inevitable. If you can’t accept that well… fuck you” – Amos Yee

What is considered respectful or disrespectful? What happens when you show disrespect to a political leader, and to a religion? How can cultural and religious tolerance be achieved among a diverse society? By thrashing Amos, aren’t we doing what he similarly did to LKY? [“LKY is finally dead.”] Respect has to be mutual, for all citizens and netizens.


Race & Riot:

The 1964 racial riots. The importance of a harmonious multi-racial society. What possible actions would lead to a conflict-stricken community? How do we prevent misunderstandings and fights from surfacing? What platforms are there for us to voice out and clarify our misconceptions about one another?



An unspoken topic for constructive criticism and discussion. When would we be able to have open debate on the topic of Religion? Never? It is indeed a sensitive issue but.. Can we figure out how to become a more opened society in exchanging our views towards such matters?



Resisting change. Resisting openness. Resisting the law. Resisting the government. How do we progress as a society? How do we speak up with courage when we can only resist? What are the outcomes of resisting? Are we able to deal with it’s consequences?


Real or Fake:

The claims. The facts. The silence. The arrows thrown across. How do we differentiate from accurate and exaggerated information? Who do we believe? No, who can we believe? A complex case, the distorted details thrown at our face?



What is the reality? Can we really fight against an ideology? What are the winning shots? Or do we just give all that we got? How do we start a positive change? We need a plan, a willingness to progress. A commitment to it, do all that we can. But aren’t all these just words? Not actions.



The Amos Yee Rally. Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan. Singapore. Hong Lim Park. How impactful is it? How many people can it reach out to? Alternative voices, alternative support, but how effective is this platform? Can more be given to the people to voice out our needs? Do the people rallying objectively know what is going on, or are they talking a side without even realising?



# Free Amos Yee. He was eventually released, with mixed reactions from both sides.


Role Model:

How do we be good role models to our children? The public backlash. Who is the biggest bully? Should we take photos of the person being slapped to get the best shot because it’s our job, or should we put down our cameras to help the person being slapped? Should we thrash Amos on social media? What kind of double-standard is that?



The power of words. With power comes great responsibility. Can we bear the outcome of our words and actions? By speaking up or finding out the loopholes, will we end up with more trouble than we can bear?



What would lead to a revolt? Where do we draw the line? Can we control the fire or will we end up igniting in flames? Do we fight till we lose our soul and stability? Or do we stay silent and wait till eternity? But in the first place, do we even know what we are fighting for?



The impact of new change. Is this sight still in near range? Will the saga influence the voting choices of future elections?



The rise and fall of people, parties and playing fields.



How reliable are the various information given to us through various media platforms in Singapore? What information are hidden, what information are exaggerated? How do we differentiate between what is the truth and a lie?



How relevant are our current laws on freedom of speech and censorship? What needs to be change with changing times? Should we people be given the right to watch political films with an alternative view? Are we not sensible and smart enough to differentiate fact from fiction? If there’s nothing to hide, hide nothing 🙂

ST_02.05.2011_183603/Mugilan Rajasegeran/PAP's Aljunied team at Serangoon Gardens Carnival, comprising of George Yeo, Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Cynthia Phua, Lim Hwee Hwa and Ong Ye Kung.

“Balance is important because words carry effects. If we love someone or respect someone, we are careful with our words.” -George Yeo

Written by: Cass


Main image credits:  Paris Chia Photography (website), @Instagram@Facebook

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