Poem for the day: [Fashion Immersion Journalism] An oriental girl stuck in our ever increasing westernised world


I wrote this poem 1 night before the deadline of a youth poetry competition I had stumbled across, which had the theme of Fashion Journalism.

Background of Poem:

I placed myself in the eyes of a chinese girl living in an ever modernizing world that seeks to conform to western ideals and notion of fashion. She lives in a neighbourhood, and goes to school in a  western cosmopolitan society, and struggles to maintain her eastern roots that she has been brought up with in her close knitted chinese family. A chance for her to join a cultural fashion contest – she contemplates between a western outfit representing her globalized landscape that may give her a higher chance of winning the competition, or a traditional simple qipao representing her oriental roots she appreciates deeply for its simplicity, but fear it may decrease her chance of winning the overall title.

What outfit can transform a thin frame,
Into a sassy hourglass figure?
What has a perfect balance of conservative and class,
And not forget to – a meek pinch of sexy touch?

The demure beauty of a silk fabric,
Which flows like a delicate acrobatic.
Moulding to the purest shape of a women’s body,
Fitting the fragile silhouette of an oriental lady.

I’ve always imagined what it would be like…
When it finally reaches my final golden time.
 How I should dress?
During my walk to impress.

An “in” white western gown?
Or an “old-fashioned” floral qipao?
One shiny and sparkly,
The other, soft and silky.
When east meets west –
Who will win my popularity test?

Our fashion world of western modernity,
We tend to forget the traditional oriental beauty.
Being a Chinese girl stuck in this cosmopolitan world,
Does it really mean I have to conform to the western ideals and fashion of an IT girl?
Can I still showcase my oriental roots?
Not like the other “yellow-skinned” girls in cowboy boots.

How do I stand out?
From the already so striking crowd.
Will the ancient qipao do the trick?
The chinese classic – I hope to masses, it can reach.

Intricately designed like flowery petals,
pasted in artistry random.
A special pattern,
even more detailed than the traditional lantern.

Not only does it gently hug my hard-to-find waistline,
It wraps my mind into the Asian roots that binds.
I’m not just wearing any dress,
I’m representing and embracing my Chinese roots,
like an established school crest.
My culture and values I have been brought up with,
I hold it dearly to me, to safekeep.

What should I choose then?
 So many colours and styles.
Maybe the classical “red”?
Or its it a too common shade?
What about “black”?
Oh no, I forget it is considered a superstitious bad,
Presenting the colour of death.
Though it also ironically epitomizes, the colour of the classic western black dress.

The seemingly beauty of a lightweight qipao,
Simply described,
a traditional yet sophisticated gown.
I know I can still look posh and pretty without makeup or jewels at all,
I shall let the dress plainly say it all.

When I walk on to the stage and twirl one round,
I hope the eyes of the judges will all drop to the ground.

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[*Short critique on this poem by founding editor of Rolling Stone Magazine – Michael Lydon] Written by: Cass


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Featured images credits:  Paris Chia Photography (website), @Instagram@Facebook



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