Poem for the day: Words come as cheap even as we speak


This poem expresses what I feel towards how we humans in general, place the importance and priority of “words” in such an easy manner, that we often pledge to talk, without walking the talk.What is in a “word”?

Something we say, only to forget.

What does it encompass?

Fragmented thoughts,

Only to go to lost.

What’s the point of saying so much,

When it does not mean to us anything much.

What is in a “word” you may ask?

Empty promises that will never last.

If we all stick to, or even remember what we say,

We’ll only realize our words never hold true to this day.

So let’s think before we make a commitment,

Instead of burping out a meaningless comment.

Promises are easy to say,

But NO, they are not to stay.

Remember all the promises?

Or are they just invisible sentence structures?

Which is why I hate it when we always talk,

When we do not even walk the talk.

That’s the sad world of humans,

People who talk without meaning.

Words come easy,

But actions are however lazy.

So let’s talk less and do more,

Or we’ll end like a depth-less shore.

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Featured images credits:  Paris Chia Photography (website), @Instagram@Facebook


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