Why I neither take Science nor Religion seriously.


Religion as a question mark

Certain parts of religious history, books, beliefs, customs, and moral codes do not make sense to me, or are information passed down from previous generations, written records, or analogies. Thus, we will never know the validity of it.

Individuals will usually defend the information told, or passed down to them e.g. contextual differences in the past compared to the present, instead of probing on it’s validity, or reflecting on it’s contradictions and moral loopholes. Because. I feel the morality of God would always stay the same, regardless of time era.

There are also sub-communities within any religion itself where teachings, interpretations, and culture taught to the individuals differ significantly. How do we then know what is the “right” or “correct” way of a particular faith when it can already differ so much internally?

I also see no logic in following a God where you “cannot question”, have to 100% agree to whatever he deem as right, even if its not aligned to your personal moral values or conscience e.g. concept of Hell.

If all or even at least one religion is real, where would their non-believers which makes up a significant world population go to in their afterlife?

“Hell?” This means a significant population would go to Hell just because they do not know the faith, or grew up following another faith, even though they are good people.

“The faith they believe in?” But if your religion is the only one true one,  wouldn’t that make all other religions false? So this reply will be invalid.

What about those who believe in different life philosophies, or only take up certain aspects of their faith?

What if the leaders of the faith, or the translations of the religious books are not followed accurately?

What about Atheists, babies, kids, converts, special needs, or those who struggle, and are weak in their faith?

Science is not the only alternative to explain everything

The field of Science have many theories too to explain different happenings that religion cannot explain.

At the same time,  alot of things in life seems too coincidental. And we are all somehow connected and guided to our interests, networks, talents and roles as an adult even though we are trapped in a confused ball of entangled systems and relational connections.

People who look and talk alike without knowing each other’s presence. It is not about the face structure, but also the facial features, gaze, voice, idiosyncrasies, personality, and happenings.

Bumping into unexpected people out of all places.

Unexplained beings captured on video or camera e.g. Flying objects, ghosts, invisible movements. Even if some are false, not all can be photoshopped, or due to a spoilt camera. Some evidence were captured even before photoshopped existed. Kids commenting on their past lives, or on creatures which they do not remember when they are older.

There are too many conspiracies in the world e.g. illuminati – which stars for some reason, love to subtly hint in their musical lyrics, clothing, or videos e.g. the pyramid eye, mind control. It might not be the doings of the stars, but someone from higher management? Or, it can be just swept off as a trendy image to portray.

But what about popular stars? e.g. KP – who claim they sold their souls to the devil in return for their popularity. Why would they make up something, or lie, when relation to the devil will be bad for their public image, or when they have child fans, or they themselves have a religion?

The funny thing is that, mainstream media do not bring up these conspiracies, or ask stars themselves during interviews. It is as though it is something off boundaries to explore.

Mother nature, body parts, and various species. How do we explain all these? How did micro beings, systems, societies, and the world progress, and how did we naturally evolve into various subcategories with various abilities and hierarchies?

How do we explain dreams? Or telepathy? Why do the private parts fit perfectly, and cause reproduction?

I believe in a creator. I believe that certain aspects of life are influenced by fate. Existence itself, as well as the galaxy, is also too big and complex to be “naturally evolved”.

What is the answer?

Science and religion need to co-exist for us to better understand the world. However at the same time, I believe everything we know about this world are just theories and beliefs shaped by tested assumptions, passed-down traditions, and history. How do we know if our viewpoints are the most objective or credible as such?

Humans have come up with many theories to explain life, to colour a white dot, to cover the missing gap, to create the shape of a missing puzzle piece. And what do we get?


There is no truth in this world, only what truth we want to give. The more others try to change our perceptions, the more we try to find ways to justify and defend our respective belief system.

And it just results in a cycle of “my philosophy about life, and my beliefs are right, which makes yours wrong, and I want to change yours to mine so that you can see the “correct” picture of life.”

Ultimately, we should all be opened to question the loopholes in our OWN beliefs before doing the same for others, as well as explore diversity in the various life philosophies.

We all are entitled to the freedom and choice of believing what we’re most comfortable with. Nonetheless, we should also respect the choices and beliefs of others, instead of trying to change theirs to ours. The exception to this is when you feel what they are doing is 100% morally wrong.

Many of us grew up with an ideology inculcated into us, or got exposed to one later in our life. There’s no one right or wrong ideology.

If you happen to be placed in an environment which restricts your autonomy to alternative beliefs of philosophy, always remember that though you cannot show it out, you still have the freedom internally to hold on to your beliefs.

Because – our resilience can be taken away, our actions can be taken away, our freedom can be taken away, but our minds… they can suppress, hide, or restrict thoughts we want to put aside, but they can never be taken away by any being in or out of this world even if we want them to.

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Written by: Cass


Featured images credits:  Paris Chia Photography (website), @Instagram@Facebook

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