Sounds of Singapore: DEON THE BAND


Sounds of Singapore is a segment where Offbeat Perspectives share music we enjoy by local artists or bands regardless of it’s genre, popularity, or year released.

*We will be doing a post for this segment every bi-monthly for the year 2016

DEON’s introduction
Deon Toh is a drum teacher, alongside his singer-songwriter title. This provides DEON’s songs a unique layer – since drum rhythmics are interfused into the process of creating the song. The background vocals of the female voice gives it a breathy feel, and all these are complemented by the piano, guitar and bass that guides the melody in it’s either sombre or upbeat mood. I preferred DEON’s older albums compared to their newer ones which is why I’m focusing on their older pieces.

Demo / Sampler


  1. I’ll Find A Way
  2. Little Lives
  3. Ties
  4. Take My Heart With You


  1. Wolves
  2. Take My Heart With You
  3. Ties
  4. Winter Heart

Music Reflection

LETTERS is more upbeat with the uplifting piano chords alongside the guitar melody, whereas Road to Canada Sampler through the main guitar chords (though guided by the piano and bass at times), is more on the melancholic side. I guess this is most likely to explore more on the emotive expression of the music. Both albums are on relationships, heartbreak e.g. wanting to get back with a former love, or seeing his former lover get hurt and telling her that it’s alright for her to seek solace in his presence.

The former album is a playlist more suited for someone who has already moved on from his former lover, while the latter album sounds more like a soothing winter playlist for a individual to listen to privately after a painful heartbreak with a lover.

“Ties” – which gives out a slightly jazzy indie pop feel, and “Take My Heart With You” appeared in both albums. However, the 2 songs are not an exact repetition. Though the lyrics are somewhat the same, the songs are expressed differently in terms of the instrument and sound according to the album’s respective feel, with one being more heavy-hearted, while the other being more bright.

“I’ll Find A Way” sounds like a song that will be played in a drama after the male lead get backs on his feet after a setback.

You can’t find these 2 albums easily due to it being released 3/5 years back, but you can still find and listen to some of these songs in DEON’s 2014 album Antiphobic on youtube. [*Featured image of this post is the album cover of Antiphobic]

{Most catchy tunes of the songs}


“You hallucinate just to keep you sane, the only escape is the door”

“Can’t you see what he’s done to you?”

“Coming for you (*repeat)”

Take My Heart With You

“Still far away from here and take my heart away from you, cause I’ll be, I’ll be with you my dear. We’ll wait for our wounds to heal.”


“Beautiful imperfections, it’s imperfections that makes us connect. Our vices and frictions, it’s this fight that will make us forget.”

“Woah woah woah, cause you know I’m the only one you can trust, and it’s ok. Woah woah woah, you know that blood is thicker than water, or did you forget?”

“Knock knock knock on my door, if you need a friend that’s back. I’ll take in all your sorrows, if you let out all your cries. Dream dream dream to sunrise…it’s a promise I’ll make it.”

Little Lives

“Too many lonely souls walk alone and they cry, too many hope for eyes shine like stars in the night.”

Where to find DEON?


 Facebook Page

Noise Trade


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