How society functions: Individualism, fear, media control.

How society functions: Individualism, fear, media control.
Apathy, fear, unaware.
Or maybe we just don’t really care.
It’s a sad reality we live in,
Where trends, ourselves, and materialism becoming an “in” thing.
So much unknown and inequality,
As much as the perceived democracy.
Truth without freedom,
Or freedom without truth,
The choice is mainly up to you.
The world can tell you they are king,
You can explore and learn another thing.
But what are the consequences of digging a hole?
The world around you become all so harsh and cold.
The power and control the kings have over the world,
Becomes your people’s number one fear.
What you are told, taught, read, and see,
It might not be always right, or what it actually is.
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Featured images credits:  Paris Chia Photography (website), @Instagram@Facebook

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Poem written by: Cass

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