Mediacorp & SPH “coincidentally” joined forces at the same time with CNB for anti-drug message


The government CNB hopes to educate the public on drug consumption and trafficking e.g. what leads to it, and the consequence.

The evidence of our mainstream media playing CNB’s role, around the same time – in chronological order…

Evidence #1

In early January, Michael (Eden Ang) and Lauren decide to make a police report about Mark being the supplier of the ADHA Pills when Randall’s injury, caused by a pool mishap is more serious than they thought.

Tanglin Ep 142

What they want Singaporeans to know:

Evidence #2


Picture credit: Toggle

Early February (2016) , our Channel 8’s 7pm primetime drama Life – fear not had a plot twist where Troy (Jeffery Xu) was eventually exposed as a drug trafficker, and broke Zhuang Dao Han’s (Felicia’s Chin) heart. He had actually used her to traffic drugs overseas, under the pretence that he suddenly had to rush back to work, and could not fly to US with her as planned, wanting her to pass some bakery goodies to his mother. Zhuang Dao Han contacted the authorities, and when Troy came back, he was arrested straight at Changi Airport.

EP 71 Life – fear not

What they want to let Singaporeans know: 

Girls, there are many guys out there who might be con-men. They will make you fall in love with them, and once you are head-over-heels for them, they will use you to traffic drugs for them e.g. put nasty items in your bag, without you even realising it.


Picture credit: The Straits Times

Evidence #3

On March 3 2016, BOOM – we see a splash on our mainstream press – Ah Boys To Men star Noah Yap sentenced to 9 months in detention barracks for cannabis use.

Responding to media queries, the Defence Ministry confirmed that Yap was found guilty under Section 8(b)(ii) of the Misuse of Drugs Act. A spokesman said: “The Singapore Armed Forces adopts a zero-tolerance approach towards drug abuse. Servicemen found abusing drugs will be disciplined and rehabilitated.” Yap was sentenced at the SAF Court Martial Centre. If found guilty, first-time offenders can be jailed between nine and 15 months. Repeat offenders can be jailed and caned.

What they want Singaporeans to know:

Anyone can fall under the crack to drugs, even your favourite good-natured celebrity that goes to church regularly. And no, MINDEF will not let anyone regardless of your status, get away with drug use. So – you army or NS boys, better don’t play play.

On a side note, Tosh Zhang gave this vague tweet on the very same day. – “Think! It ain’t illegal yet, but they’re working on it.” Eddie Griffin Hmm.. could it be a possible reference to…?


Picture credit: Toggle

Evidence #4

From the first week of march, the storyline of Life – fear not sees’ Zhuang Dao Han’s younger brother Zhuang Dao Ren (Aloysius Pang) hiding his drug use from his family, before going through the cold turkey phase. Lin Jia Jia (Chen Li Ping), his sister-in-law finds out his secret, and decides to lock him up in her room, not wanting to let his family or authorities know.

Ep 101: Life – fear not

What they want Singaporeans to know:

This is the negative control and impact drugs has on you. It is not something you can just throw aside if you become addicted to it. You’ll end up hiding it from everyone, but suffering the most in isolation.


Evidence #5

March 7 – Michael (Eden Ang) reveals to his family that he almost took drugs as there were a lot of pressure and expectations for him to excel academically, and he was in a state of unease at that moment. However, his mother and grandparents seemed more concerned, and disappointed by his sub-average exam grades.

Ep 181: Tanglin

What they want Singaporeans to know:

Youths might experiment with drugs with all the issues faced at that age. As parents, you should be more understanding, and show more concern about their emotional needs and well-being, rather than their poor grades.

Fun fact: Eden Ang (Michael) and Charlie Goh (Eddie) who act as uncle and nephew in Tanglin seems to be real-life friends with Noah Yap. Eden Ang was recently in Noah Yap’s Video – THE ‘ARE YOU SERIOUS’ FACE, and Charlie was in the Ah Boys To Men series with Noah Yap.


Picture credit: Toggle

Evidence #6

On 11 March, Yi Shou (Zhang Yao Dong) shares with Zhuang Dao Han (Felicia Chin) about his past where he hung out with bad company, and eventually got led into the world of drugs, and other bad deeds.

Life – fear not (Ep 105)


Coincidental not? The timing of the drug-related episodes all seem too close to be merely coincidental. The government, opps, I mean CNB win liao lor. Timing “ZUN ZUN” on drug scandals – first is Tanglin’s pool mishap due to ADHA drugs (could be a fake term) mixed with alcohol, then Ch8’s Life – fear not Troy’s drug trafficking twist, followed by Noah Yap was sentenced to detention barracks for consuming drugs, after which was CH8’s Zhuan Dao Ren drug addiction, and later Yi Shou shared about his drug past, and last but not least, Tanglin’s Michael almost falling under the crack to drugs.


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