The Move from Meritocracy to Mediocrity for Miss America

Diverse representation of women, and the creation of more opportunities for average looking girls and overweight girls is not a bad thing, but not at the expense of meritocracy.


Women with the top-notch combination of beauty (good looks), brains (intelligence), brawn (healthy and toned physique which takes dedication, time, and effort to maintain) and a heart of gold (good morals with a passion for a social cause) are beautiful gems. But instead of letting them shine through with their holistic qualities, let’s rather search for common contestants who may only embody some of these qualities. Let’s disappoint gorgeous girls who have it all. They do not deserve a platform because they are too “beautiful” and “of too high a calibre”. They are not real women, simply because they have the perfect combination of both outer and inner beauty.


This is the the start of the disempowerment of women. When you let meritocracy take a backseat, while you gladly warm up the seat for mediocrity. You do not bring down the best to strengthen the average. What you can do is to lift both up to maximize their respectively potential e.g. give equal opportunities for all women to be evaluated objectively.


e.g. Just like the revamp of the evening gown competition to let women don an outfit of their personal style – why not let girls choose what kind of swimwear they are comfortable with to wear? Or change it to a beachwear theme e.g. to cater to girls who prefer a more modest dressing, or who wish to cover certain body parts they are not as confident of showing? All these will balance inclusivity, diversity, and meritocracy, instead of just removing the whole swimsuit segment.


First, the removal of grid girls because it is “at odds with modern day societal norms”. Now, the revamp of a classic beauty pageant into a competition where one’s outer beauty is ironically not going to be evaluated. What next then? Shaming men for putting up posters of women in bikinis in their bedroom? Banning of adult magazines and porn?


Some girls have it all, while some girls are more flawed.

Some girls have more leverage, while some girls are just plain average.

Not all girls are exceptional,

Most are just normal.

If everyone is really special,

Than that makes no one special.


I choose equal opportunities over equal outcome.

I choose pre-eminence over political correctness.

I choose Meritocracy over Mediocrity.

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