OP is venturing into the podcast space…

We’ve been “off the beat” for awhile now… But our passion still runs wild for uncovering the “unconventional” and everything political in the Singapore society.

The podcast medium is something we’ve been looking at for awhile now. We’re still fervent advocates of news journalism, just that we’d like to explore both the power of the written word and audio storytelling.

For a start, we’re predominantly featuring guest interviews and a little abit of narrative from the both of us. It’s easy for people to dawn off in a literal question-then-answer kind of interview. We are still experimenting how we can make it more interactive for both our interviewee and the listeners. And I know that there’s two of us and it might make for a splendid idea to chatter to each other. Hence, we are still exploring options for the OP podcast.

Drumroll… You can find our podcast here. And in case podcast isn’t your thing at all, we are gonna be posting up the transcripts for all of our episodes as well. On WordPress!

Full Episode List – OP Podcast:

Ep 1- Negotiating Religious Citizenship in a Secular State

Ep 2 – Leaving Islam


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