About Us

Offbeat Perspectives | Broadening Perspectives and Encouraging Independent Thinking

Started in early May of 2015, this site is independently-run, and written from the perspective of a young adult duo; has articles and interviews on diverse topics – sexuality, normality, morality, religion, media control and censorship, music, film, society, alternative/ social issues, unique passions, careers, and individuals.

How we started
We started this shared blog – first of all, to raise awareness on the alternative issues we were interested in and secondly, to write about the things that interest us, e.g. film analysis, society, reviews. Cass had the intention of using SCAPE as a platform to reach out to our local art scene since the place often holds film screenings and panel discussions. She came to discover Faeryville, a local independent film, and found that she could relate well to the themes. Prior the film’s sneak preview, she read up on the director’s interview and did some research over their social media page. She initiated the idea of a shared blog on the day we attended the screening and that we should write film reviews.

We’re especially thankful to Faeryville’s team because they, as well as what the film represented inspired us to embark on our first project – to analyse the themes of the film. We are very grateful for them as they had given us many opportunities to learn and publicity-wise as well. Simply put, they were our indie roots.

Aims: (1) Raise awareness on “silent” social issues and diverse opinions; (2) Encourage self-reflection and creative expression; (3) Promote independent scenes (local/abroad) e.g. music, film, passions

Vision: It’s never about “trying to be” different, it’s about a constant developing of our own essence as opposed to being shaped into a generic square box. Conformity is essential in the real world but we should do it with pre-existing awareness.

Mission: We hope our posts are able to prompt readers to self-reflect on the opinions they’re predisposed to having. We are all entitled to our individual beliefs no matter how diverse. Questioning what we or others believe in is never a bad thing. However, we aim share independent views in a respectful, tactful and open-minded manner. Lastly, we hope to change the conventional thinking that certain topics shouldn’t be discussed openly due to their controversial content that may be seen as offensive or unnecessary. Progress in society has to come from awareness and change – talking about such topics in our social and media landscape, as well as bringing up existing loopholes and possible improvements. All these will allow us to become a more opened, understanding and inclusive society, when we build up diverse and balanced insights towards such matters 🙂

Writers Profile

SY: I enjoy reading topics related to societal issues and writing about these things. Although it has barely been half a year since Offbeat Perspectives started, I have learnt many things along the way, from street interviews, panel discussions, the amount of readings I’ve done whilst writing some of these posts and learning from Cass herself. I’m less of a groundwork person – the part about approaching people scares me very much. Unfortunately, the best way to learn about the social world is to talk to real people. Conversing with people also tends to catch you in the most unexpected manner to learn something more about social beings based on your status as one of them. Thankfully, the dual-member team is half of a dauntless kind with someone like Cass. My aspiration is to continue to do research (formal/informal level) in my field of interest. I like to write so I’d want to keep doing that for interest and learn to do it better.

Cass: I have a natural urge to reflect, analyze, and question loopholes, trends, or matters that intrigue me. This curiosity in the grey areas doesn’t bode well in normal life. As such, I use writing and interviewing as a platform to express my inner thoughts, feelings and passions. I also enjoy asking and listening to diverse opinions and suggestions on delicate matters from interviewees, as well as learn more about their lives on a deeper level. Everyday is a chance to increase in knowledge and awareness be it through reading, listening or observing, which helps me in gaining new, essential and balanced insights towards various matters. SY came up with the pleasant asthetics of our site, as well as formatting and editing our posts. The conscientious and grounded member of our team, she keeps me on-track when I have too much plans.

1. We are shaped by everything, we are not what we believe in, we become what we believe in.
2. Can we control the fire? Or will we end up  igniting in flames?
3. Being able to see both a square and a diamond, it will help us gain enlightenment.
4. Everyday is an opportunity for self-growth, and likewise, wisdom honed.

What motivates us: When we observe, analyse and read about the social landscape around us, every post we write becomes an opportunity for self-growth. At the same time, we want to learn from our readers’ perspectives. We hope that our posts will give insight on different angles of a matter and enable people to ponder deeper with hanging questions 🙂

The comment sections are for readers to engage in meaningful discussions. Feel free to express your opinion after reading our posts!

A pressing opinion to share?
We welcome comments and suggestions to improve this site, or even writings from readers – Feel free to email us at offbeatperspectives@hotmail.com


Offbeat Perspectives Facebook Page – “like” us to get firsthand updates or share it with your friends and family if you enjoy our site 🙂


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